Undergraduate Research in the CoC


Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Portal sponsored by the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) Department Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC)! This site is designed to support students (both undergraduate and graduate) who are looking to get involved with undergraduate research and was written and developed by a team of dedicated graduate students within the College of Chemistry (CoC).

  • If you're an undergraduate student looking to find research, see the Guide for Undergraduates page for advice and tips on engaging with graduate students and/or faculty.

  • If you're a graduate student, see the Guide for Graduates page for resources on effective mentorship and evaluation tools.

On this page, you'll find a live list of available projects. Be sure to check back regularly as projects are submitted on a rolling basis. Regardless of whether or not projects are available, the guides linked above are still great resources to get involved and will be updated as new resources and initiatives are announced!

Looking for ways to apply classroom learning in diverse applications outside of CoC lab research? Check out the Research Outside of the CoC section here!

Please see the embedded Google Sheet below for a list of available projects submitted to this site.* Note that the sheet has several columns containing relevant information to each project (horizontal scroll to see all of them). It will be useful to open this sheet in a separate window (must be signed in to your Berkeley account) and use a temporary filter view (Data > Filter Views > Create New Filter View) to view projects that interest you the most. Alternatively, you may view formatted listings in this doc.

NOTE: If the embedded sheet does not appear, click on the "open-in-new-tab" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the blank box below (hover mouse to show).

Project Solicitation (Responses)

*The sheet above is automatically updated every 5 minutes by Google's servers. This may provide nearly real-time updates of available projects as they are submitted. The sheet is designed to show available projects. If no projects are shown, then no projects are currently available.

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